Rosa Mystica Rosary Mysteries

About the Rosa Mystica Rosary and Meditation

The Rosa Mystica Rosary meditation is meant to act as a Super Novena, with 3 primary purposes:

Firstly, as in the Spirit of the original Rosa Mystica apparitions, it is intended to support through rosary prayer the religious vocations, especially the priesthood. Without our Priest’s, the princes of the church, there is no church. A brief explanation of the apparitions is in the intro pages of the prayer book.

Secondly, certain saints, militate against specific demons in Spiritual Warfare. This is also true of certain Marian Apparitions of Our Lady over the Centuries. The glory and honor we give to Our Lady as we meditate on the numerous times she appeared, makes this Super Novena very efficacious in this Spiritual Battle of the ages.

Finally, unlike Our Ladies sufferings at the cross, where she exalted in the coming victory of her son, through the spiritual martyrdom she endured, today Our Lady weeps bitterly for the lost souls of her children, who will never know God’s love. Not all souls will be saved, and Our Ladies suffering for these lost souls in beyond anything we can comprehend.

The Rosa Mystica rosary, serves as a healing balm to our Ladies sufferings by reminding her of all she has already done to warn, protect, and instruct her children.

Thank You for your Powerful prayers and your role in church and salvation history.

May your children and your children’s children, and all future generations to come celebrate your faith and the Power of Our God!

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