Who We Are

St. Joseph the Worker Chaplaincy is a Catholic organization providing chaplaincy services in the workplace to assist employers and employees with the spiritual and emotional issues that affect their lives, their health, and their families.

A few ways we can help:

  • Grief counseling to those who lose loved ones

  • Provide basic steps to Godly fitness for those who seek it

  • Offer spiritual triage for individuals and families in distress

  • Build solid foundations for businesses and communities, one soul at a time

  • Connect and reconnect people who care with people in need

Prayers to St. Joseph

St Joseph is best known as provider and protector, for his strong interior prayer life, as the Terror of Demons, and for his powerful intercession at the time of death.

Through his prayer and his intercession, Saint Joseph assists believers in their spiritual struggle for the defense of the faith.

As the best and most loving father, we encourage you to use these prayers to seek his protection, his guidance, his healing, and his intercession in helping you in your life journey.